Sunday Check-in Screening/ Protocols

➢ Masks are to be worn throughout the entire check-in process.
➢ Check-in will take place under the pavilion.
➢ No children except those that are being dropped off may be on campus.
➢ All luggage must be kept in the car until they are officially checked in.
➢ Campers will not be able to go to the cabin until after they have completed check-in.
➢ Parents will not be permitted to enter camper cabins at any time.
➢ Campers who have a temperature reading over 100.4F will not be permitted to check-in;
however, if refused check-in, full camp tuition amount will be refunded.

  • Prior to camp beginning: refund of 100%
  • From Check in through Wednesday: 50% 
  • After Wednesday: no refund is given