Nestled among the trees along Corey Lake is Camp Wakeshma, a camp where your child can cultivate an appreciation for nature, develop skills, and make friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

To purchase a camp, you will need to…

  1. Create an account for Camp Wakeshma in UltraCamp. This account will help us to communicate with you and expedite your ability to sign up for the camp you want in the most efficient way. This step MUST be done before you can register. You can create the account any time between now and when you register. When you create your account, you will go to the following link

Please bookmark this link as a favorite so it is easy for you to get to in the future. Using the link  from this email, or bookmarked, will greatly lessen the likelihood that the website will crash when it is time to register.

2.  Register your camper starting on Sunday February 27, at 5:00 PM EST. All camps will be purchased online. We will NOT accept mail-in registrations, so the only way to purchase a camp for the summer of 2022 is to create an account in UltraCamp then register online. When you register you will simply go to your account that you set up and sign up for camps you want.

Things to know about registration…

  • You will only be able to purchase one camp per child during the first week of registration, Sunday, February 27 – March 6th, 2022. After March 6th, you may sign up for another camp.  After another week, if there are still camps open, you can sign up for a third week, and so on….
  • Our waiting list will be completely electronic.  We will take people off the waiting list, to offer them a spot in camp.  It will be first come first serve this year on the waiting list.  Campers registered for a week of camp will be offered spots after anyone who does not have a week of camp secured.

Our summer schedule is as follows: 

Camp Wakeshma 2022 Summer Season Schedule

Camp                                                   Date                                                      St Joseph County Tuition                                           Out of County Tuition

Music Camp                                      June 12-18                                                          $300                                                                               $350

Coed 1                                                 June 19-25                                                          $300                                                                               $350

Coed 2                                                June 26-July 2.                                                  $300                                                                               $350

Juniors.                                             July 6-9(Starts on Wednesday)                      $240                                                                               $270

Coed 3                                               July 10-16.                                                           $300                                                                               $350

Coed 4                                               July 17-23.                                                           $300                                                                               $350

Coed 5                                               July 24-30                                                           $300                                                                               $350

Coed 6                                               July 31-August 6.                                               $300                                                                               $350

Coed 7                                               August 7-12 (ends on Friday)                          $260                                                                               $310