New Way to See Photos of Your Campers

//New Way to See Photos of Your Campers

New Way to See Photos of Your Campers

We have a new way for you to see photos of your campers while at camp! The past 3 years, we’ve taken pictures, put them into a slideshow, then burned that onto a DVD that you were able to purchase. However, this year we will not use DVDs. We are using a website called SmugMug.

In an email, we will share with parents of campers a direct link to a gallery full of photos from the week their child attends camp along with a password that gets them into the gallery. This process allows parents to view pictures of campers throughout the week in a secure way (as opposed to posting them just anywhere on the world wide web) and allows parents to purchase the download of individual photos or the entire gallery.

We’re new to this process, so please bear with us as we have a bit of a learning curve. However, we’re excited about this new opportunity.

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