Meal Operations

➢ Kitchen workers will follow standard food prep protocols in alignment with State of Michigan
Health and CDC recommendations.
➢ Tables will be sanitized before meals are served for each cabin of campers.
➢ When feasible, some meals will be eaten outside in various areas throughout camp.
➢ All food items will be served by masked and gloved kitchen workers with sneeze guards.
➢ Meals will be staggered by group times and lodge capacity will be reduced to 40%.

Residential/Overnight Operations

➢ Cabins and bathrooms will be cleaned/sanitized on a frequent basis.
➢ Bunks will be spaced utilizing a head-to-toe orientation to maximize distance between campers
ensuring 6 feet from head to head.
➢ Masks will be worn in cabins, except when sleeping.
➢ Screened windows will be propped open at all times to maximize airflow.
➢ No campers or staff will be allowed in any cabin other than their assigned cabin.
➢ Cohort groups (UNITS) will be assigned staggered times for use of the bath house for morning
and night time needs.
➢ Counselors will check the camper’s temperature in the mornings and evenings each day.
➢ Eating in cabins will not be permitted (water is allowed).
➢ Each camper will be assigned a cubby and bunk upon check-in with name tags for easy reference.
All items other than bedding must be stored in an assigned cubby.

Cohort Design for Distancing/Minimizing Spread

➢ Cabins will be grouped in groups of 2-4 (UNIT). These groups will interact in closer proximity
together and will partake in classes/ meals/ other camp activities together while masked.
➢ Campers will be able to interact with cabins outside of their (UNIT); however, only in activities or
areas of camp where 6 feet distance can be maintained.