Interested in Being a Junior Counselor Next Year?

//Interested in Being a Junior Counselor Next Year?

Interested in Being a Junior Counselor Next Year?

We get a fair number of questions about how one becomes a Junior Counselor, so we thought it would be a good idea to post the information.

Our Junior Counselors are usually 16 years old and assist Counselors with leading the campers in the cabin they are assigned. The number of weeks a Junior Counselor (JC) works at camp depends on the number of kids who apply and we accept. This is our 4th year as directors, and the first three years JC’s got one week in the dishroom, a position paid $140 per week, and one or two weeks assisting in a cabin, a volunteer position. This summer the JC’s got one week in the dishroom and two weeks in cabins. Two days, including an overnight, of staff training in early to mid June is also required.

It is best to apply in February or March. Applications are found on our website under the “Employment” tab. To apply, fill out an application, including an “Availability Sheet” which indicates what weeks you are available to work. If hired, we’ll assign weeks based on the information on the availability sheet. Three letters of recommendation are required along with an interview. When JC’s are interviewed and hired depends on when we hire a program director as that is that person’s responsibility and they usually hire unit leaders first, counselors next, and then JC’s. Therefore, a JC may not be hired until April or even May. However, if a program director is in place, the process could happen earlier.
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