Announcement by Todd and Susie of New Leadership Structure

//Announcement by Todd and Susie of New Leadership Structure

Announcement by Todd and Susie of New Leadership Structure

Announcement by Todd and Susie of New Leadership Structure

We are excited to announce that Camp Wakeshma will have a new leadership structure in 2017. We have truly enjoyed being the Executive Directors for the past 5 summers and feel blessed to be a part of such a wonderful place that so many kids look forward to coming each year. We’ve learned a lot, gaining experience, skills, and knowledge, and we still have much to offer Wakeshma.

However, as much as we love spending time at camp, we also have other goals for our family. For example, we live in a fabulous neighborhood and want our daughter to have the opportunity to spend time playing with her neighborhood friends during the summer. We also want her to be able to participate in sport or other camp activities that might not be too doable while living at Wakeshma. Lastly, we would love to travel to national parks during our time away from our teaching jobs.

So, what will the new structure entail? We will remain the Executive Directors, but there will be a new On-Site Director who will run the day-to-day operations during the summer. Maggie Hawrysz will be that On-Site Director. Maggie has been affiliated with Camp Wakeshma for over 16 years as both a camper ( 96-00′) and a staff member ( 01′-07, 14′-17′), serving in a variety of positions (Counselor, Camp Secretary, Camp Photographer, Kitchen Assistant, Night Cook, and Program Director). Outside of camp, Maggie lives in Illinois and teaches science at St. Rita High School. Maggie’s passion and commitment to working with kids is evident in everything that she does.

Maggie will oversee the recruitment, hiring, training, supervision, and evaluation of staff, communicate with parents, supervise programs, office, kitchen, waterfront, maintenance, med shed, and store, work with vendors/suppliers, manage the photo-sharing/purchasing site, handle emergencies (with help from us and others), and generally make sure everything at camp runs smoothly.

We will manage all the Off-Site tasks. What on earth needs to happen away from camp, you ask? Well, a lot: propose and operate the budget, write grants, manage the website, registration, waitlists, and refunds, communicate with parents outside of the summer season, administer scholarships (or camperships), arrange for inspections from the state, the health department, etc., consult with and train Maggie on all sorts of matters (parent surveys, SmugMug photo sharing/purchasing, mediation of conflicts, etc.), manage projects relating to buildings and grounds, and much, much more. We’re also planning to fill-in for Maggie when she can’t be at camp and be on-call for emergencies.

In conclusion, we truly feel this new structure is in the best interest of camp, so we’ll do our darndest to make sure it goes smoothly. As we know change can, at times, be difficult, we will guide Maggie through this transition. Camp’s mission statement reads, “Based on its historic tradition of excellence and the desire to perpetuate it, the mission of Camp Wakeshma is to provide the youth of St. Joseph County and elsewhere a diverse and wholesome, low-cost summer camping experience in a safe and supportive environment.” And that’s exactly what will happen. As we know change can be difficult at times, we will guide Maggie through this transition to make sure that it goes smoothly.


Here’s to an awesome 2017!


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