Parents of Wakeshma Campers,


Welcome to the 2021 Camping season! 

We know that this has been one crazy year for everyone and would like to answer as many questions about camp and registration as possible.  Currently we are planning on having camp this summer 2021, and the executive directors and the board of directors are working on protocols and procedures that will keep everyone as safe as possible. These procedures and protocols are being developed with the help of the CDC, local health department, the American Camp Association(ACA), and will be shared with you at a later date. 

If last year you got into camp and elected to carry over your camp to 2021, you do not have to do anything for this year’s registration. Please double check your camp dates that you are signed up for in UltraCamp.

If you were on the 2020 waitlist they will not be used for the 2021 season and you will have to work through the registration process again this year.

We will be limiting the number of campers per week to 105 during our registration in February. We are doing this in case the CDC limits the number of campers we can have this summer.  With this in mind, the waiting list will be important to sign up for because it will be utilized when we find out the number of campers we can eventually accept in camp.  Please only sign up for the waiting list in camps that you are interested in attending and able to attend.  Once we know the number of campers we can safely have in each week we will email you off the waitlist so you can sign up.


A special registration time for 15-year-old campers only will begin on February 27 at 5:00pm EST and will end on February 28 at 2:00pm. A maximum of 25 15-year-old campers will be allowed to sign up for each camp in order to guarantee the integrity of our program. Campers will need to be 15 at the time of the camp this summer to sign up early. At this time, each camper will only be able to sign up for one camp. The waitlist will not be activated at this time, but will be initiated at 5:00pm on February 28th when everyone else will be signing up. The waitlist will be first come, first serve. After a week of registration has passed, you will be able to sign up for additional camps, if available.

Registration for 8-14 year old campers will begin on February 28 at 5:00pm EST.  At this time, each camper will only be able to sign up for one camp. Additionally, you may sign up at this time for the waitlist for other camps you hope to get into. The waitlist will be first come, first serve. After a week of registration has passed, you will be able to sign up for additional camps, if available.

To help in keeping our registration process as efficient as possible, please help us by adhering to the following guidelines:

  1. Please check your schedule carefully for all events and situations that might arise during a camp that might cause cancellation, such as: sporting tryouts, games, practices, school, etc.  Switching camps, after finding you signed up for the wrong camp, is almost impossible due to the use of our waitlist. 
  2. If your camper would need to miss more than 1 night of a particular week of camp, please don’t sign them up for that week. It causes problems with programming, and it keeps campers who want to attend the whole week from coming.
  3. During the registration time, please have back up weeks in mind in case you don’t get into the camp that is your first choice.
  4. Do not set up multiple accounts for the same family or camper. If you sign up the same individual from two different accounts, we will cancel both camps, with cancellation fees accrued, and the camper will be put on the waitlist.
  5. Please use email when communicating with us.  Our office is currently closed, and we can get back to your questions much quicker over email.  Also check your email daily so you do not miss any information or opportunities to get into a camp from a waitlist.

Camp Wakeshma 2021 Summer Season Schedule

Music Camp June 13-19 $295 Ages 10-15

Coed 1 June 20-26 $310 Ages 10-15

Coed 2 June 27-July 3 $310 Ages 10-15  

Junior Camp July 7-10 $240 Ages 8-12 (starts on Wednesday)

Coed 3 July 11-17 $310 Ages 10-15

Coed 4 July 18-24 $310 Ages 10-15

Coed 5 July 25-31 $310 Ages 10-15

Coed 6 Aug 1-7 $310 Ages 10-15

Coed 7 Aug 8-13 $270 Ages 10-15 (ends on Friday)


Todd Schierbeek and Eric Lancaster

Executive Directors of Camp Wakeshma