Wakeshma’s Commitment to Safety and Proactive Communication: Summer 2021

As summer 2021 quickly approaches, Camp Wakeshma is excited to be planning to welcome back
campers and staff safely. Regulations or other mandates could impact this plan; however, at this time,
we are working as a team to define our operations plan and to provide a high-level overview of what to
expect given current COVID-19 operating recommendations from the government and other camp

In these new and uncertain times, changes can happen quickly; however, please know that we are
committed to providing families with frequent and consistent communication throughout the pre-camp,
camp and post camp period. Camp Wakeshma is currently in close contact with other SW Michigan
camps to share best practices while referencing the guidelines and recommendations provided by the
ACA and CDC for safe residential camp operations.

Safety is one of the key C.A.M.P attributes (Make it Safe) and one that will continue to be at the
forefront of all decisions we make for Wakeshma 2021 summer operations. Camp leadership staff
understands that trying to keep the traditional camp experiences that make Wakeshma so special, as
“normal” as safely possible, is also important. Nevertheless, we ask for your patience and understanding
as some traditional parts of Camp may look a little different this summer taking CDC and ACA
recommendations into account.

Camp Wakeshma also asks for your continued attentiveness to keeping you and your camper familiar
with these safe practices. This will help to maximize their effectiveness to prevent the spread of COVID-
19 as well as prevent possible infection prior to arrival at camp. We are the strongest and safest when
we all work together as a community.

Wakeshma looks forward to safely welcoming back your camper in Summer 2021 and making new
memories together!

-Camp Wakeshma Leadership